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Instructors for The 5th Digital Marketing Master Class 2019

KAN KAN RAMOS-LIM  Digital Director, COO, Arriba Digital  
"Social Media Marketing Plan"
Kankan started her Digital Marketing career at Yehey! Corporation over 10 years ago, when the terms “social media” and “community management” were not even conceived, yet existed through the company’s online Portal.
There she managed content publication, message board communities, blogger relationship building, campaign strategies and social media management, among other duties.
Her extensive experience in social marketing, media planning, online publishing, strategic planning and analytics have allowed her to handle a diverse collection of Brands — both local and international. Among the brands she has handled are Mead Johnson, Globe Telecom, Unilever, Nivea, SM, The Mind Museum and San Miguel Corporation as Executive Director of Social marketing at Havas Media Ortega.
10 years into the industry, her passion only grows with the understanding that digital is the future for brands. Along the way, she further molds her skill sets and know-how by keeping in tune with the times and trends.
Knowing that her heart lies in social marketing, with her specialization being in content creation and digital production, Kankan hopes that she can continue making a difference in the industry.
Apart from the professional side of her life, Kankan also strives to pursue her other love — art. Through painting, sketching and zentangling, she finds balance between both worlds of her career and her creative passions.

Chief Strategy Officer , Arriba Digital
"Digital Media Buying and Planning, plus Facebook Ads and Retargeting"
Laszlo has been practicing Digital Marketing for more than a decade,
fulfilling different roles from publishing to sales to business development to even doing some basic coding. His passion lies in Strategy and was the Director of Planning at Havas Media Ortega, creating meaning by understanding consumers, thoroughly immersing in brands, and studying market data. He is currently the Managing Partner at Digital Endeavor Inc., where he seeks bring the digital discussion to higher levels, and find real solutions to business problems.

Iggy Javellana
CMO and Innovation Director, Ywiser Agency
CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Muramasa Games
" Master Class in Digital Marketing Platforms Strategy and Planning "
“Master Class in Video for Digital Marketing”

Content is still King, and in the age of Digital, creating the right AND most timely content for your brand is more crucial than ever. In this presentation, Iggy will talk about how different kinds of content have helped brands stay relevant to their audiences, and how they've leveraged this content to generate results. 

Iggy Javellana has been at the forefront of digital since 2002, when he first startedcreating and managing content with Yehey! He's moved on to helm Digital, Advergaming and Experience Design for several companies with his most notable role as Head of Content Acquisition and Business Development for Level Up! Games for almost five years. 
Today he is the CMO and Innovation Director of Ywiser Agency; the CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director for his own startup, Muramasa Games. 

Gamer, Geek, Father of three, Passionate musician and filmmaker, he still continues to dream that someday, he could become a rock star.

Asst. Sales Manager, True Logic Online Solutions
"Master Class in SEO and PPC Strategy"

 CJ is currently the Assistant Sales Manager for Truelogic Online Solutions, Inc. He has spent the last couple of years working on digital marketing projects, growing both small and medium sized businesses. This includes managing SEO and branding strategies for over 600 websites.

Jules Cabigon
Creative Director, Xiklab Digital

"Master Class in Content Marketing:
How to Build Effective Content Marketing Campaigns"

A true-blue Cebuano, Jules started his career as an intern back in 2002. Back then, he was a Legal Management major who realized he did not want to pursue a career in law and got bitten by the advertising bug, much to his parents’ disappointment. He officially joined the industry shortly after graduating and since then has been exposed to the various facets of advertising and marketing communications: from CRM and Direct Marketing, to ATL Advertising, and currently, digital. Across his 15 years of experience, he has handled a variety of brands ranging from hog feeds to five-star hotels, telcos to FMCGs. He is currently the Creative Director of Xiklab Digital.

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