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3D Printing. Philippines. Now.

The Philippine 3D Printing and Digifab Expo and Conference 2015

Expo: August 7, 8, 9, 2015  (Free Admission)

Conference: August 7 & 8, 2015  (Fees below)

Venue: SMX Convention Center Taguig City

Conference Fees : For TWO DAYS (Aug 7 & 8)  includes seminar kit. All
                               costs are VAT inclusive.

Expected Attendees :

architects, industrial designers, entrepreneurs, makers, key players from the  education sector, medical industry, creative arts, fashion industry, jewelry manufacturers, information technology industry, government, marketing specialists, hobbyists, direct consumers, students

What you will learn:

Discover 3D Printing  and its applications and how it will be instrumental in the dawning of a new age in manufacturing.

3D Printing also known as additive manufacturing, is now making waves in various sectors, making significant changes in the manufacturing supply chain.

And the Philippines is not far behind.

Find out from the movers and shakers of the industry how it is used in the building sector, industry, entertainment and creatives, medical sector, and why it is important that Philippine business, education and industry  must grab opportunities in 3D printing. Now.

Featured speakers:

JUSTIN GABITAN, Creator, Puzzlebox 3D Printers
An Introduction to  3D Printing and the 3D Printing Process (Aug 7, 11AM TO 11:50AM)

Puzzlebox printers are the very first Philippine-made desktop 3D printers and its creator Justin Gabitan will give an introduction on what 3D Printing is and its process.

He will discuss the advantages, applications, implications and the future of 3D Printing.

Justin Gabitan  graduated 2010 at Ateneo de Manila John Gokongwei School of Management. He started to get into 3D printing since the movement started in 2008 – and has been building his own 3D printers for years.

·       He is the founder of first Filipino-made 3D printer system Puzzlebox 3D.  An authorized service engineeer and exclusive distributor of Ultimaker Brand 3D printers, he is also one of the first members of Reprap philippines, a local group of 3d printer enthusiasts

FREDERICK CHUA, President, My 3D Concepts Corporation
Application of  3D Printing and Scanning for the Mainstream Consumer Market (Aug 7, 1:10 to 2PM)

The 3D printing industry will change how people do things in the world. Like the internet, when the 3D Printing industry goes mainstream, it will be truly a destructive industry in changing the world. The applications are endless for 3D Printing and Scanning. Fred will present some that are practical applications in the mainstream consumer industry.

Overview to Additive Manufacturing Process

Frederick will give a brief history of the 3D printing industry and a description of the different types of additive manufacturing processes currently available in the market.

Fred Chua, an Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate at the University of the Philippines, is the President of My3D Concepts Corp “3D2gO” which is the 1st End-to-End 3D Scanning, Prototyping and Printing Service provider focused on the mainstream consumer market. 

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing, Inc.,600-seat Call Center & BPO company that was established in 2005. He’s also the current President of Philcall, the association of locally owned SME Call Centers in the Philippines.

His goal is to democratize the 3D printing industry by offering easy and cost effective services to everyone that needs customized manufacturing, scanning and prototyping. 

DAVID YU ,Owner, DFX General Merchandise 
Mothership, Inc
3D Prototyping in the Creative and Entertainment Industry (Aug 7,2:30 to 3:30 PM)
3D Printing Tips and Tricks for Pros and Makers (Aug 8,2:30 to 3:30 PM)

Dave Yu has  been in the computer graphics industry for over 20 years. He has a traditional arts background in painting and sculpting. 3D printing has allowed him to explore a wider range of designs with unmatched precision, speed at low cost .

His talks will be focusing on FDM additive manufacturing targeting desktop 3d printers for home, schools and industries. His main topics will be real life case studies on how 3d printing is used in the Creative and Entertainment industry. 

He will share his  work on Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles (Gma Films) and other designs from his projects.
and will discuss a comparison of traditional large scale model making ( life size dolls ) vs 3d printed design of the same item. How 3D printing saved time, money and produced better quality results.

He will also take up Tips and tricks for better 3d designs, Printing and finishing. 
A section focused on various materials and usages for designs:  ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Flexible, Wood, Conductive and more. 

ATTY. ARTURO DEL ROSARIO, JR , President, Intellectual Property Association of the Philippines
Pertinent Intellectual Property Rights in Relation to 3D Printing (Aug 7 ,3:50 to 4:40 PM)

Atty Del Rosario is  Managing Partner of Del Rosario & Del Rosario Law Office.  Heavily involved since 1975 in general maritime litigation arising from marine casualties, collisions, cargo claims, dock damage, oil pollution, charter party disputes, crew claims and arrests.  Also involved in intellectual property practice covering trademark and patent applications and disputes (Facebook and Instagram are representative clients).   

Education: San Beda College (Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, cum laude, 1970);  University of the Philippines (Bachelor of Laws, 1974);  1976 Richards Hogg International Seminar, London;  University of Southampton (Maritime Law Course 1987). 

Professional:  President (2015-2017) of the Intellectual Property Association of the Philippines (IPAP);  President (2008) of the  Philippine Bar Association (PBA);  Certified Appeals Court Mediator since 2006; President (1996-97) and Chairman (1997-98) of the Maritime Law Association of the Philippines (MARLAW).    

DR. RAFAEL BUNDOC , Professor, Section of Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopedics, University of the Philippines- Philippine General Hospital

The Amazing Applications of 3D Printing in Surgery (Aug 8, 11AM to 11:50AM)

Surgeons generally rely on routine radiographs, CTScans and MRIs to provide them two (2D)or three-dimensional (3D) images of disorders that they have to treat.

 Very often they use these images in creating a pre-operative template on how they will plan to operate on their patients. It has been their experience as well that sometimes they are confronted with much more complex intra-operative findings other than what they have conceptualized from images at hand. 

 This lecture will show how ordinary desktop 3D printing can give surgeons a detailed three-dimensional model for a more accurate pre-operative surgical templating.

GLYN NAPOLES, Research and Development Specialist, American Technologies
3D Printing Process and their Industrial Application  (Aug 8, 3:50 to 4:40PM)

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The Philippine 3D Printing Conference

Welcome to the forefront of the Philippine 3D Printing Industry 

Inviting delegates to the first of its kind 3D Printing Conference in the Philippines!

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