Thursday, February 20, 2020

The 1st Digital Ads Master Class & Workshop Philippines 2020

Gather your marketing team and Learn DIGITAL ADVERTISING in two days of intensive learning.

Join the  1st DIGITAL ADS  MASTER CLASS AND WORKSHOP PHILIPPINES 2020, featuring a power packed three-course package  designed for marketing  teams, small businesses and individuals who wish to boost their digital advertising skills  and enhance their understanding of  digital concepts.

The Workshop is presented by Neotrade and will be held on May 14 and 15, 2020 at Megatrade Hall Meeting Room, 5Th Floor Bldg B SM Megamall Mandaluyong City.

Check out our advanced digital courses :

Day 1

Facebook Ads Workshop plus Instagram

(5 hrs)

1. FB Strategy
2. Effective Lead Generation : How To Launch a Successful Facebook and IG Ad Campaign
3. Types of Ad Sets
4. Audience Selection, Facebook Pixel  and Retargeting
5. FB Ads Engagement
6. Ads Reporting, Insights and Optimization

7. Workshop

Day 2


1. Linked In Ads Campaign Strategy
2. Launching a Successful Linked In Lead Generation Campaign
3. Linked In Ad Creation for an Effective Campaign
4. Linked In Ad Optimization

5. Workshop


(3 hrs)

1. The Google Ads Campaign Plan
2. Google Ads Creation : Creating Winning Google Ads
3. Keywords Strategy
4. Ads Auction and Bidding Strategies
5. Remarketing
6. Optimization and Conversion Tracking
7 Workshop


The courses offer theoretical lectures plus exercises  from leading  industry experts. 
At the end of the masterclass and workshop,  your team will gain a broader understanding of and gained enhanced skills in  Digital Advertising.

Digital ADS Workshop Rates

Early Bird Reg:  P9,800  for payments until March 16, 2020
Super Regular Reg:  P10,800
for payments from March 17 to 31, 2020
Regular Reg : P11,800 for payments from  April 1 to 15, 2020
Super Standard Reg: P12,800 for payments from 
April 16 to 30, 2020 
Standard Reg: P14,000 for payments from  May 1 to 11, 2020

Onsite : P15,800

P8,000 For payments until March 14, 2020
P9,800 for payments from March 15 to 31, 2020

Group rates:

Buy 4, GET 1 additional free slot

Buy 10 GET  3 additional free slots

Buy 15, GET 5 additional free slots

inclusions: VAT,  2 day workshop, certificate, snacks.

Mode of payment: Bank deposit, paypal, online credit card payment

To register, please click here 

and for queries and clarifications, please do not hesitate to email us at

or call Neotrade

Tel: 09167312040 or 09229207719


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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The 2nd Social Media Professional Training Course 2020

Be part of the 2nd Social Media Professional Training Course on April 28, 2020 at the SMX AURA, Taguig City.

The Social Media Professional training course will teach you to  establish a Social Media profile, and formulate an effective social media strategy and enable you to have a competitive edge for your brand and your business.

Participants will learn :how to formulate a Social Media Marketing Plan, How to utilize and optimize their social media campaign, learn Facebook and Instagram  advertising, retargeting, and social media community management.

Learning outcome:

At the end of the course, participants will have started to use Social Media effectively to market their businesses.

Participants will learn from theory and exercises after each day of learning to  reinforce the

 knowledge gained.

The course is designed for those with basic knowledge of Digital Marketing.


Social Media Marketing Plan and Strategy (2 hrs)

Community Management (2 hrs)

Social Advertising

 (Facebook and Instagram Advertising)   (2.5 hrs)

Retargeting  (1 hr)

To register , please email neotradelearning@gmail com

Seminar Fees:

Super Early Bird Reg: 6,800 vat inc  (For payments on or before March 5, 2020

Early bird Reg:  7,800 vat inc  (For payments from March 6 to 20, 2020

Super Regular Reg:  8,800 vat inc   (For payments from March 21 to April 3, 2020

Regular Reg: 9,800 vat inc (For payments from April 4 to 18, 2020

Standard Reg : P11,000 vat inc (For payments from April 19 to 25, 2020

Onsite Reg: P12,000 vat inc

*All fees inclusive of vat, certificate and pdf presentation kit 7 working days after event.

Group rates :

Buy 4 get 1 free

Buy 10 get 3 free

Buy 15 get 5 free

Credit Card payments accepted.

For inquiries please contact Neotrade  at 9380837, 09167312040 or email

To register, please click here

*organizer reserves the right to make changes to venue, date, speakers and timings

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The 2nd Digital Marketing 102 Workshop for Beginners 2020

Fast track your Digital Marketing success.

Be a seminar delegate at  The 2nd DIGITAL MARKETING 102 WORKSHOP for BEGINNERS    2020, a full day workshop  designed to make beginners learn and get ahead with Digital Marketing.

The event will be held on April 17 , 2020 at Megatrade Conference Center, Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

It gathers the key players and most respected digital marketing experts in the industry to share their knowledge on digital marketing and teach attendees to utilize customer engagement channels and marketing automation tools.

It is designed for BEGINNERS and all who have basic  knowledge of digital marketing.

Topics are:

The Digital Marketing Plan  1.5 hrs
Facebook and Instagram Ads 1.5 hrs

Social Media Optimization 1.5 hrs
Google Adwords 1.5 hrs
SEO 1.5 hrs

Target Attendees:

BPO sourcing & marketing personnel
Government personnel
Marketing specialists
Brand advertisers
Business leaders
Website owners

The workshop will give you  a concise overview of the key aspects of digital marketing via theory and exercises from industry experts.

End objective: by the end of the full-day seminar, you will be   ready to formulate your own digital strategy for your company or your business.

Seminar Fees:

Super Early Bird Registration: P4,800

For payments on or before Feb 24, 2020

Early Bird Registration: P5,500.

For payments from Feb 25 to March 8, 2020

Super Regular  Reg : 6,500.

for payments from  March 9  to 25, 2020

Regular Reg : P7,000

For payments from March 26 to April 3, 2020

Super Standard Reg: P7500

 for payments from  April 4 to 14, 2020

Onsite Reg: P8,000

Academe Regular:  P4,400*
Students Regular:  P4000* (must present a valid college or high school student ID upon reg)

For payments until to March 15, 2020

Group Rate: Buy 4 get 1 Free
                      Buy 10 get 3 Free
                      Buy 15 get 5 Free

Online Payment via credit card or PayPal accepted.

Inclusions: Certificate , VAT, pdf seminar kit 7 days after event

To register, please click here

and for queries and clarifications, please do not hesitate to email us

or call Neotrade

Tel: 09167312040 or 09229207719


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Saturday, January 4, 2020

The 6th Digital Marketing Master Class 2020

Intensive Learning within your reach.

Prepare for Digital marketing success.

Join the 6TH DIGITAL MARKETING  MASTER CLASS 2020, a two-day, 18-hour  master class thoughtfully designed to give participants an intensive understanding of concepts and opportunities in the digital marketing landscape, to be held at SMX AURA on Feb 27 & 28, 2020.


MASTER CLASS IN  DIGITAL MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING (with Facebook  Advertising & Retargeting)

MASTER CLASS IN SEO Search Engine Optimization


How to Build Effective Content Marketing Campaigns 


This 2-day masterclass will delve into elements that engage consumers and drive brand conversation on different digital marketing  channels to generate  successful digital marketing plans.

 The course offers theoretical lectures plus exercises  from leading  industry experts to give you a broader understanding of the current digital trends and how these will help you formulate an effective digital marketing plan.


At the end of the masterclass, participants are expected to gain advanced skills and knowledge in digital marketing core aspects: Social media, Strategy, Video for Digital Marketing, Content and SEO, and Digital Media Planning & Buying with Facebook ads and Retargeting.


 Marketing specialists

Marketing Communications Officers

Digital Marketing Specialists

Brand advertisers





BPO sourcing & marketing personnel

Government personnel

Business leaders


Areas Covered (3 Hours per session which includes exercises at the end of each session)

Digital Marketing Strategy - integrating your digital efforts with the rest of your marketing output to create a seamless user experience.

Social Media- key platforms & opportunities, creating an effective social strategy & getting started

Video for Digital Marketing-

Video is touted to be one of the most effective marketing tools. This session will teach all you need to know about video and  future trends and basics on how to create  effective videos for  business

Content Marketing

This session focuses on how to attract attention and generate leads through creation and publishing content for a targeted audience.

Digital Media Buying and Planning plus Facebook ads and Retargeting

The session will centre on tools and strategies on choosing and utilizing the proper digital media channels in order to have an effective  digital ad campaign

*organizer reserves the right to make changes on topics and schedules due to unforeseen circumstances

Who is it for?

The digital marketing masterclass is perfect for those who have basic or  intermediate knowledge of digital marketing and looking
to build confidence when talking about the digital channels.

It brings to fore updated industry insights, skills, knowledge needed for marketers to plan and implement their own digital marketing strategy.

FEES (Inclusive of VAT, snacks and certificate):

 6-Course Package:

Super Early Bird : P9,800  Payment until Dec 4, 2019

Early Bird: P10,800 Payment from  Dec 5 to 18, 2019

Regular Reg : P12,000  for payments from  Dec 19 to Jan 5, 2020

Super Standard Reg : P14,000 for payments from Jan 6  to 31, 2020

Standard Reg : P15,500 for payments from Feb 1 to 22,  2019

Onsite Reg : P16,500

Individual Courses : P3,200 each until Dec 15 2019
P4,000 each from Dec 16 to Feb 26, 2020

 Inclusions: 2-day Class,  Certificate ,
pdf  seminar presentation after event, VAT, snacks

 Group rate: 4 plus 1

                     Buy 10 get 3  slots free

                     Buy 15 get 5 slots free

 *Terms and conditions apply.

To register, please click here

and for more info, please  call 09167312040 or email

Friday, January 3, 2020

Project Management Fundamentals Course 2020 by Ubqty and Ateneo Business Resource Center

UBQTY Inc., in partnership with Ateneo de Manila University’s Business Resource Center (BRC)  presents:

The Project Management Fundamentals Course 2020

The course offers great value, flexibility, and results for your organization’s project management team with the goal to provide the fundamentals of project management to better improve the team’s capability in handling their existing and future projects.

We offer two courses for you to choose:

1) Traditional PM Fundamentals Course (live training only) and

2) Blended Course (Live training plus online video training)

UBQTY’s blended learning courses are partnered with one of the world’s leaders in online project management review courses—the PM PrepCast™.


Participants can gain practical knowledge on the basic concepts, tools, approaches, and industry best practices on project management. They will also be equipped with working knowledge on project management, benefits realization management, monitoring, and evaluation. The skills, techniques, and tools on scheduling and monitoring projects can be applied on future projects moving forward.

In a way that:

• Training is aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 6th Ed., ANSI/PMI 99-001-2017, ISO21500), PRINCE2 (2017) and; UN, ADB, JICA, USAID best practices in monitoring and evaluation of developmental projects;

• Participants are more able to effectively and efficiently manage, monitor, and evaluate projects;

• There is a higher chance of success in delivering projects on schedule, on budget, and with the intended, expected outcomes.


• Capstone and group activities throughout the program for participants to apply the concepts

• PMI REP certificate, testifying completion on completion of PM fundamentals based on PMI’s PMBOK® 6th edition. Facilitator-led sessions will also use ITIL when appropriate

For Blended Course:

· 30 hours of videos of Project Management PrepCast™ PM Fundamentals

• 8 Hours of Blended Learning with a PM-expert facilitator on 1, 2, or 3 mutually agreed dates (guiding, coaching, and supporting) to reinforce, provide context and IT specific examples

The course is best suited for:  

Project Managers,
Associate/Assistant Project Managers, Team Leads/Team Managers, Project Executives/Project Engineers, Officers In Charge, Managers, Software Developers, Project Architects, professionals aspiring to be a Project Manager, people who want to develop their project management skills

Duration and Dates


As soon as confirmation and full payment is made, we can readily give access to the online lessons and start the online review right away.

Training Timeline (Blended Course)

Sessions: 8 hours total

E-Content: 30 hours

ADMU BRC- UBQTY Fundamentals Blended Course Online

Kick Off : Feb. 1

Live Training Session: Feb 15, 2020 at 8am to 5pm

Modules Covered Online (with duration)

Introduction 0:56
Role of the Project Manager 1:20
Integration 5:02
Scope 3:58
Schedule 5:27
Cost 1:09
Quality 1:52
Resource 2:51
Communications 1:30
Risk 3:08
Procurement 0:48
Stakeholder 2:15

Rates for Blended Course:

Fees : P13,990 per attendee (payment on or before Jan 25, 2020

Group rate: P12,500  per attendee for group rate for 3 or more attendees (payment on or before Jan 25, 2020)

The Project Management Fundamentals Traditional Course (live Training Sessions Only)

Sessions Schedule: Feb 13 and 14, 2020 at 8am to 5pm

Ateneo De Manila Business Resource Center Quezon City

Fees : P13,990 per attendee (payment on or before Jan 25, 2020

Group rate: P12,990 for 3 or more attendees (payment on or before Jan 25, 2020)


• Training will be held at Ateneo de Manila University located at Katipunan, Quezon City.

• Food and materials will be provided at the training

• For the videos, a laptop, tablet, or mobile is needed for viewing

• Ateneo Business Resource Center and OSP International LLC are non-VAT

• Official receipts will be given on the day of the training

Payment Terms

• The fees will be paid through UBQTY, Inc. and will provide an acknowledgement receipt. Please note this is only subject to 2% withholding due to the non-VAT status of our partners.

o This is due before or by January 25, 2020.

• The official receipts will be provided on the 1st day of the training by:

o Ateneo de Manila University – PM Fundamentals

o OSP International LLC - PM PrepCast™

To register, pls click here 

email us at: pmpphils@gmail. com

Or call 09167312040  Or 09229207719