PMP® Blended Learning Course with PM Prepcast by UBQTY & UA&P

We are proud to partner with UBQTY Inc., in partnership with University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), as they  introduce to you the PMP® Blended Learning Course with PM PrepCast™, a blended learning program that offers great value, flexibility, and great results for your organization’s team of project managers that seek to prepare for the PMP® certification exam.

This is a PMP® exam review that provides in-house, instructor-led sessions run by our PMP® experts to review progress, discuss issues, and provide support to the training participants.

Objective and Expected Outcomes 

The training program aims to equip the participants with the terms, techniques, tips and other relevant information needed for them to pass the PMP® certification by providing them extensive quality self-study materials, experienced facilitators in in-house sessions, to provide participants the best preparation for the PMI PMP exam®.

The training will highlight important project management concepts and key information that are likely to be included on the certification exam.

Participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge during the training through practice exams and test questions.

This training will greatly increase the participant’s knowledge & confidence in order to pass the PMP® examination.

Scope of Work

1. Registration for PM PrepCastTM
2. Assistance on the PM PrepCastTM, including recommended 3rd party applications (e.g. podcasts, video players)
3. Blended Training Delivery

Included in this training are the following benefits that your project managers and your organization can gain, but not limited to: 

For the Project Managers:

· The required 35 contact hours needed to apply for the PMP® exam and certification
· 1,600+ simulated questions to simulate the PMP® Exam Certification
· More than 50 hours of videos presented by PMP® experts from multiple industries
· 12 hours of blended learning with an expert PMP® coach
· Downloadable materials based on Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 6th edition.

For the Organization:

· Blended Learning & an Online Solution – Avoid days of business interruptions, complicated scheduling and logistical problems of in-house training and shift to a blended learning solution. Participants can study anywhere and at their own pace with downloadable materials and are guided accordingly throughout short sessions by the experts.

· More Value, Lesser Cost – The PM PrepCast™ provides the organization with quality training materials (e.g. training videos, exam simulations) and at the same time provides the needed contact hours to take the PMP® exam at about half the price of in-house PMP trainings.

Duration and Dates


We accept early registration until September 11, 2019. As soon as confirmation and full payment is made, we can readily give access to the online lessons and start the online review right away. Early bird rate will apply.

Training Timeline 

Live Training Sessions: 14 hours total
E-Content: ~min. of 40 hours + 20 hours of bonus content

Live Training Sessions:
Oct. 5, Oct 12, Oct. 19 and Oct. 26, 2019

Oct. 5, 2019 (2 hrs)
Kick off
1pm to 3pm

Oct. 12, 2019 (4 hrs)
1pm to 5pm
Quiz about week 1 lessons

Oct 19, 2019 (4 hrs)
1pm to 5pm
Quiz about week 2 lessons

Oct. 26, 2019 (4 hrs)
1pm to 5pm
Coaching, wicked topics discussion

Emodule course outline

Week 1

Introduction (4 hrs)
Project Environment (1.5 hrs)
PM's role (2 hrs)
Integration (5.5 hrs)

Week 2

Scope (4 hrs)
Schedule (6 hrs)
Cost (6 hrs)
Quality (3 hrs)

Week 3

Resource (4.5 hrs)
Communication (2 hrs)
Risk (4.5 hrs)
Procurement (5 hrs)
Stakeholder (2.5 hrs)

Week 4

Full exam simulation (2 to 4 hrs)


Training will be held at University of Asia and the Pacific Campus located in Pearl Drive, Ortigas. Room TBA.

 Food and materials will be provided at the training.

For the learning sessions, personal laptop or gadget of choice will be needed for viewing of online courses.

Expectations for Participants 

The sessions will utilize well-proven blended learning techniques. Participants are expected to work on their own, with learning partners, and with team members
before, between, and after the training.

For information on the facilitators, please click here


All rates are inclusive of 12% VAT. Official receipts will be given on the day of the training.

Training investment starts at PHP 29,900.00 per head.

Unbeatable value against PHP 50k + standard classroom trainings!

Early Bird Rate: PHP 24,900.00 for payments on or before September 11, 2019.

Group Rate: For a minimum of 3 persons per group, rate will be at PHP 24,900 per person.

Regular Rate : PHP 29,900 for payments from September 11 to October 5, 2019.

Payment Terms 

The fee shall be payable to University of Asia and the Pacific via check or bank deposit. Upon confirmation, we recommend to pay in full to reserve your slot for the program.

To register, please click here

Or email or call 09167312040 or 09229207719

II. The PM Exam Simulator 

The PM Exam Simulator™ gives students an insider view of the actual PMP Exam. Students practice on realistic PMP Exam sample questions in an online environment, all developed based on the latest PMP examination content outline.
The PM Exam Simulator™ offers the following features:
● 1,600 PMP Exam sample questions
● 7 “normal” exams and 1 “ITTO-based” exam
● Live Feedback™
● Realistic Exam Environment
● Updated to Current Exam
● 24/7 Access
● Detailed Explanations
● Per Answer Choice Explanations
● Mark for Review Button
● For PC, Tablet or Phone
● In-depth Statistics

Please note that the number of questions will most likely be reduced to 1,600 in 2018 when the update to PMBOK® Guide 6th edition is completed. This is primarily due to the fact that we are removing a complete exam that is solely knowledge-based (i.e. memorization of facts alone), because the most recent exam questions have shifted to be more situational.

III. Blended Learning with PM PrepCast™ 

Instructor-Led Classes for Your PMP® Exam Preparation

Get the Best of Both Words with Blended Learning!

To deliver the best possible Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam preparation training, UBQTY Inc. has partnered up with PM PrepCast™, a PMI registered education provider, to deliver a blended learning course that utilizes PM PrepCast™’s self-study tools and UBQTY’s project management industry expertise.
By signing up for this class, you will have the benefit of attending in-person sessions and receive access to self-study like the PM PrepCast and PM Exam Simulator. This blended approach allows you to first participate in a classroom training, deepen the instruction, and practice your PMP® exam with self-study.

Unbeatable Value with PM PrepCast™

Contact Hours Included

All PM PrepCast™ courses include the required 35 contact hours needed to apply for the PMP® exam and certification. Simply complete a PM PrepCast course and pass its final exam, and you’ll be able to print the 35 Contact Hours Certificate. Getting your 35 hours through a separate program will cost you PHP 8,000.00 or more.

PMP Exam Simulators & Practice Exams 

An exam simulator allows you to simulate the 4-hour PMP exam in order to prepare for the environment, stress, and time constraints of the actual test. Explanations are included for all questions, and you can retake the exams as often as you want.

Download your Sessions 

PM PrepCast™ gives you the convenience of downloading your materials to your smartphone devices enabling you to learn anytime, anywhere.

PM PrepCast™ can be accessed from your phone, tablet, computer, or laptop, so you can study on the device that is most convenient for you. The videos have been optimized for use with iTunes, regardless of your device. In as little as 45 minutes, you can download the material and have access to the entire workshop.

Video Sessions Run by Experts

There are more than 50 hours of videos available in the PM PrepCast™ that are run by PMP® experts with more than 20 years of project management experience across multiple industries.

Comprehensive Study Materials
A variety of study materials are available, including study guides, recorded videos, podcasts, coaching, webinars, the Exam Simulator, online forums, email courses, formula study guides, and eBook

Achieve Mastery and Confidence 

Classroom training tends to be rote and focus on memorization as opposed to a deep understanding of concepts. With video training, you can pace yourself and focus on what is most important to you, so you can achieve mastery and the confidence that comes from ‘owning’ the information you’re studying.

Go at Your Pace, Not the Slowest Student’s Pace 

Classroom learning only ever goes as fast as the slowest student. With self-directed video study, you can breeze through sections that are easy for you and focus—even repeat—the sections you find more challenging.

You Pay Less, But Get More 

Classroom training tends to be rote and focus on memorization as opposed to a deep understanding of concepts. With video training, you can pace yourself and focus on what is most important to you, so you can achieve mastery and the confidence that comes from ‘owning’ the information you’re studying.

Forget ‘Face Time’ And Focus on Results
Because you can access the course anywhere in the world, from any device, you have ultimate flexibility to learn, repeat, and pace yourself. Every minute and every dollar you spend goes toward results, rather than paying for ‘face time’ in the classroom.

Help your career & chances for promotion & recognition;
Review & get your PMP® certification soon.

The PMP® credential is highly coveted and leads to career advancement, including higher pay. Now, you don’t have to put off having PMP® after your name because preparing for the exam is simple, methodical, and completely within your reach.

Designed to take advantage of your optimal learning style, the PM PrepCast™ breaks complex concepts into understandable ideas you can consume on the go, wherever you are, whenever it’s convenient.
If you’re ready for more senior Project Management roles with more interesting work and greater compensation, more rapid career advancement, greater respect, and earning potential as well as more powerful results, the PM PrepCast™ may just be your perfect solution.

PMP® Exam will change in December

Project management continues to develop in new directions, and PMP-certified leaders are at the forefront of this exciting evolution – equipped with a diverse skill set to deliver successful project outcomes with the right approach for each project.

What is changing?

Project management professionals need more diverse skills and approaches than ever before. The PMP is evolving just like the profession – and the new exam will focus on three new domains:

1. PEOPLE – emphasizing the skills and activities associated with effectively leading a project team
2. PROCESS – reinforcing the technical aspects of managing a project
3. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT – highlighting the connection between projects and organization strategy

Content that spans the value spectrum, including predictive, agile and hybrid approaches, will be included across the three exam domains. The best way to understand what is included in the exam is to review the updated Exam Content Outline.

Expect to see:
More approaches to delivering outcomes. The exam will cover both predictive (approximately 50%) and agile/hybrid (approximately 50%) approaches to project management.
Domains aligned to real-life practices. The number of domains will be reduced from five to three.

Why is the PMP exam changing? 

Every 3 - 5 years, Project Management Institute (PMI) conducts research to understand how the profession has progressed, the impact of emerging trends, and how the responsibilities of project managers have changed. The last research was conducted in 2015 and resulted in the current PMP® Exam Content Outline.
Subject Matter Experts from leading organizations from around the world are currently working with PMI to define the PMP of the future. As this effort continues, PMI will share information here to keep you informed – whether you are thinking about earning the PMP or preparing to take the exam soon.

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