Monday, June 28, 2021

The 9th Digital Marketing Master Class 2021


Intensive Learning within your reach.

Prepare for Digital marketing success.

Join the 9TH DIGITAL MARKETING MASTER CLASS 2021 ONLINE, a two-day, 12.5-hour master class thoughtfully designed to give participants an intensive understanding of concepts and opportunities in the digital marketing landscape, to be held ONLINE on Sept 28 and 29, 2021.






Facebook ADS Master Class

Linked In Master Class

Google Ads Master Class

This 2-day 12.5 hour masterclass will delve into elements that engage consumers and drive brand conversation on different digital marketing channels to generate successful digital marketing plans.

The course offers theoretical lectures plus exercises from leading industry experts to give you a broader understanding of the current digital trends and how these will help you formulate an effective digital marketing plan.


At the end of the masterclass, participants are expected to gain advanced skills and knowledge in various digital marketing aspects.


Marketing specialists

Marketing Communications Officers

Digital Marketing Specialists

Brand advertisers





BPO sourcing & marketing personnel

Government personnel

Business leaders

Areas Covered

Community Management  (1.5 hrs)

Best practices in Management of Social Media client communication and customer care

Content Marketing (1.5 hrs)

Content is still king. This session focuses on content strategy and how to utilize tools to use the right content for social media.

E-Commerce ( 1.5 hrs)

Covers steps on how to migrate to online platforms for retail

How to Grow Your Youtube  Channel (1.5 hrs)

Covers techniques  to create and grow your youtube channel and best practices for monetization.

Digital Ads Master Class

Facebook and Instagram Ads  (2.5 hrs)

The session will centre on Tools and strategies on Facebook and Instagram Ads, Linked In Ads

Linked In Ads (2 hrs)

Includes  Campaign Strategy, Lead Generation, Ad Creation and Optimization

Google Ads (2 hrs)

The session will delve into the Google Ads Campaign, Google Ads Creation, Keyword Strategy and Remarketing

*organizer reserves the right to make changes on topics and schedules due to unforeseen circumstances

Who is it for?

The digital marketing masterclass is perfect for those who have basic or intermediate knowledge of digital marketing and looking to build confidence when talking about the digital channels.

It brings to fore updated industry insights, skills, knowledge needed for marketers to plan and implement their own digital marketing strategy.

FEES (Inclusive of  seminars, seminar kit and certificate):

8-Course Package: (12.5 hrs)
INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL RATES: Grab these rates now as these will return to normal rates in the next batch

Super Regular Reg : P6,500 for payments from  Aug 29 to Sept 5, 2021

Regular Reg : P7,500 for payments from Sept 6 to 10, 2021

Super Standard Reg : P8,500 for payments from Sept 11 to Sept 18 2021

Standard Reg: P9500 for payments until Sept 19 to 27, 2021

Inclusions: 2-day Class, Certificate ,

pdf seminar presentation after event

Group rate: 3 plus 1 extra slot free

Buy 5 get 2 extra slots free

Buy 6 get 3 extra slots free

*Terms and conditions apply.

TO REGISTER, please click here

Or email

and for more info, please call 09167312040 or 0922 9207719


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