Resource Speakers for The Social Media Professional Training Course

Kenn Francis Costales, Managing Director
Monolith Growth Consulting Pte Ltd.

Social Media Marketing Plan
Social Advertising (Facebook & Instagram, Retargeting)

Kenn Costales is a Filipino digital marketer based in Singapore. He has 5 years of experience managing brands Safeguard, Olay, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, and Gillette under Procter and Gamble Asia and other global headquarters in Europe, India, Middle East and Africa before building his thriving start up empire, Monolith Growth Consulting,  a digital marketing agency based in Singapore.  He helps CEOs of e-commerce, SaaS, and local businesses in United States, Australia and across Asia Pacific to increase their revenue and ROI through using internal proprietary software to algorithmically optimize marketing campaigns.

Kankan Ramos-Lim, COO, Arriba Digital

Optimizing and Future Proofing Your Social Media Campaign
Social Media Community Management

Kankan started her Digital Marketing career at Yehey! Corporation over 10 years ago, when the terms “social media” and “community management” were not even conceived, yet existed through the company’s online Portal.

There she managed content publication, message board communities, blogger relationship building, campaign strategies and social media management, among other duties.

Her extensive experience in social marketing, media planning, online publishing, strategic planning and analytics have allowed her to handle a diverse collection of Brands — both local and international. Among the brands she has handled are Mead Johnson, Globe Telecom, Unilever, Nivea, SM, The Mind Museum and San Miguel Corporation as Executive Director of Social marketing at Havas Media Ortega.

Eleven years into the industry, her passion only grows with the understanding that digital is the future for brands. Along the way, she further molds her skill sets and know-how by keeping in tune with the times and trends.

Knowing that her heart lies in social marketing, with her specialization being in content creation and digital production, Kankan hopes that she can continue making a difference in the industry.


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